What we do?

Education Program

At PAHS we believe that the long-term solution to improving the health, and in general the lives, of those we serve is through education. As a whole the country of Honduras has an illiteracy rate of 40%. The community we serve has an illiteracy rate of 20%. PAHS serves the community by providing adult literacy education, technical vocational education, primary, and secondary education.

Primary Education

Actual Number of students in Primary Education

Children who live in our Homes and children in our community who have shown good potential and have few other means by which to acquire an education are provided primary school education, some are in Bilingual School, learning their subjects in English and Spanish both.

Adults and adolescents who have been unable to recieve a formal, grades 1st - 6th, primary education can attend our Nigth School and achive their educational goals while they work during the day and study at night.

Secondary Education

Actual Number of students in Secundary Education

PAHS has had a long history of supporting the secondary education of our community. We provide education for the children in our homes, as well as children in our community who show good potential and have few other means for obtaining an education. PAHS donated the land for the community to build the public high school on which now serves over 500 students.

EDUCATODOS Program (Education For All program)

What we do?

People who were unable to attend school as children are given a second opportunity to acquire basic skills in order to further their education in a relaxed setting with a flexible schedule so that they can continue to keep a job and raise families.

Our first group of students graduated in 2004 from our program of EDUCATODOS - Eduacation for Everyone, a program pioneered by the United States Aid and International Development Agency (USAID), and certified by the Honduran Ministry of Edcuation.

Technical Vocational School Dr. Stephen Youngberg

What we do?

With increased skills comes a better job, with better jobs comes a better standard of living, with an improved standards of living comes increased awareness of better ways to care for personal and family health issues.

In an effort to improve the lives of our community members we offer an oppotunity for young people to gain an education in the vocational arts, and to further their secondary education at the same time.

Our vocational school was built with funding from the United States of America through the United States Aid and International Development - USAID, and is part of the network of schools affiliated with the Human Resource Consulting Center of Honduras - CADERH.

The vocational school offers an opportunity to learn sewing, auto mechanics, wood working and ornate wood carving.

University Education

Actual Number of students in University Education
What we do?

Students who have shown a strong aptitude for studies are encouraged to pursue their dreams of a higher education. PAHS supports these students in efforts to search out individual scholarships.

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